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State-of-the-Art Control Panels Featuring Easy-to-Read Graphic Displays

Simplify your operations with custom-designed control panels and easy-to-read graphic displays from Malcon, Inc., of Bedford Hills, New York. Our skilled craftspeople work  in a controlled fabrication environment and under exacting testing and quality control conditions to ensure that the finished product does, and will continue to do, the job. A plus for you is our standard policy of providing clients not only with installation instructions but also with a full set of as-built drawings of any system or component we have manufactured.

Fully Functional Systems

An effective systems package is one that blends electronic accuracy and electrical efficiency with mechanical practicality. A system is only as good as its function. We make it a point to keep function foremost in our manufacturing. That's why Malcon, Inc., systems are noted for:


• Easy Maintenance

• Intuitive Graphic Displays • Reliable Operation

• Quality Fabricated Control Panels

Contact us at (914) 666-7146 in Bedford Hills, New York, for custom-manufactured control panels.